Communications processor CK-Proxy is designed to ensure flexible exchange of telemetry data streams via internationally standardized protocols based on TCP/IP stack. It provides initial data processing and routing at the application layer of data exchange.


IT security gateway. It is located in the demilitarized zone. It supports data exchange modes with a minimum necessary number of connections to be established. The connections are initiated by a data exchange party located in the secure network. CK-Proxy ensures control of data exchange at the application layer by defining a list of allowed data exchange hosts with indication of IP-address, protocol, and a set of parameters allowed for reception and transmission for each host. It supports real-time monitoring of received and retransmitted data streams.

IT security gateway

IT security gateway


Protocol convertor. CK-Proxy ensures automatic conversion of received data packets into a different protocol format so that the data can be securely transferred to the recipient. Internally, CK-Proxy presents transmitted data in a standardized format so that all conversion combinations are possible provided that end-to-end communication parameters match.

Protocol convertor

Protocol convertor


Data stream multiplexer. It can be used with the automated system (a SCADA, supervisory control system, industrial control system, etc.) that do not support several simultaneous communication streams. CK-Proxy solves this problem by establishing a single connection to the automated system and the required number of connections to the other data exchange parties.

Data stream multiplexer

Data stream multiplexer



  • Modern scalable 64-bit platform
  • Hot standby support
  • Unique implementation of IEC 60870-6-503 protocol (TASE.2 ICCP) that enables data flow transmission of up to 10,000 analog values per second
  • Support for reporting and scheduled data exchange via IEC 60870-6-503 protocol (TASE.2 ICCP) using blocks 4 and 8
  • Receipt and retransmission of supervisory control command signals via IEC 60870-6-101 and IEC 60870-6-104 protocols
  • Flexible configuration of IEC 60870-6-104 protocol adaptor
  • Support of intermittent communication links through intelligent buffering and subsequent retransmission of telemetry data
  • Flexible access authorization system
  • Two independent CK-Proxies can be deployed on a single hardware platform


Control Manager. Intuitive user interface combining tools for system state and dataflow monitoring, data exchange configuration, interface module control and user access control.

CK-Proxy Control Manager

Data and Event Monitoring. User-friendly tools for secure remote access to RTUs and field devices. Real-time monitoring of received and retransmitted telemetry data.

Data Monitor Settings

Communication host history. Storage and real-time display of communication host operation history with filtering and searching options.

Communication host history

Data Exchange Monitor (DEM). It is a web application designed for real-time analysis of telemetry data received via interconnected communication, as well as for control of channels based on IEC 870-5-104 and IEC 870-5-101 protocols.

CK-Proxy Data Exchange Monitor

Browsing values available on the server. Ability to query the remote host variable list under the IEC 870-6-503 (TASE.2 - ICCP) protocol and to compare the current list of received values for this host with a complete list of available variables.

Browsing values available on the server

Configurator. CK-Proxy information model (configuration) is stored in XML-files that are created by a special editor. CK-Proxy supports simultaneous operation with the basic configuration model and a set of additional ones, which can be used to set up new connections without disrupting existing ones.

CK-Proxy Configurator


Communications processor CK-Proxy is a telemetry gateway software platform that comes together with numerous software packages - adapters for various protocols and data exchange standards, which are delivered to a licensee on demand.

List of adapters is steadily growing. Presently, the following packages are available:

  • CK. Adapter IEC 60870-5-104
  • CK. Adapter IEC 60870-5-101
  • CK. Adapter FDST
  • CK. Adapter IEC 60870-5-503 (TASE.2 ICCP) v. 1996-08, v. 2000-08
  • CK. Adapter OPC DA (Client)
  • CK. Adapter SNMP
  • CK. Adapter MODBUS/TCP
  • CK. Adapter IEC 61850-8-1 MMS Client
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