СК-2003 It is open for developers

The output of the new version—3.3.3 SCADA\EMS СК-2003— is the important event in a life of a complex.

For the first time the Company Monitor Electric officially declares support in the new version of the high-grade tool of software developer for СК-2003— "The Universal Component of Data Access" ("UCDA").

UCDA allows, using all advantages of object-oriented programming and technology OLE Automation to develop practically any client applications for CK-2003 from any environment of development, including office applications supporting work with VBA, VBScript. UCDA provides an opportunity of simple access from external systems to data CK-2003 with functions of reading, record, a subscription to changes, generation of events, etc. the Component makes СК-2003 completely open for еxpansions of functionality by forces of own experts or the third firms . UCDA is delivered with the complete set of the documentation and a set of examples of use in environments of development MS Office Excel, MS Office Visio, Delphi, Visual C ++.

In the majority of the organizations maintaining СК-2003, the competent experts are capable independently to develop small client appendices, for the decision of specific tasks of the organization work. The company Monitor Electric has developed a universal component data access involve potential of these developers, and also developers of the third firms, to unload the Complex, from not universal, private tasks which should be solved in each organization independently.

First version UCDA is already successfully maintained in a number of the organizations, including: Leningrad RDO, the UDO of the Center, the UDO of MiddleVolga.

The additional information about UCDA can be received in a sales department of the company (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

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