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Production of replicable software is the major business area of Monitor Electric. Generally complex automation projects involve the process of customization of bundled software and its integration into existing automated systems. Integration can be accomplished in different ways: development of specialized file format converters, creation of integration adapters for ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). The method is determined by the complexity of the project in question. To solve such tasks our company developed technology, which consists of the following elements:

Our company also develops automation systems for unique business processes. We work in a specific industry sector. Its specific character is determined by the technologies in use and industry regulations. Therefore the needs for unique business processes automation arise rather frequently. Having wide experience and technological competence in the field, we accept the challenge of solving such problems, and achieve success.

In the process of custom software development we use the technology of replicable software development and adequate tools. We take into account the specific nature of custom projects as they impose additional requirements and technological constraints. For instance, a longer design stage, less number of iterations, more detailed internal documentation, etc.