FINIST software consists of a server part, four specialized user client applications: Technologist's workplace, Instructor's workplace, Operator's workplace, Examiner's workplace, and set up and configuration tools.

Depending on the task in question, complex can be deployed on a single Technologist's workplace or on a group of networked computers which comprises simulation server and client workstations for each user according to their roles.


FINIST software runs under 32-bit and 64-bit platform operating systems MS Windows XP/7/2003 Server/2008 Server. The server part requires MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Express or its later editions.

The hardware requirements are largely dependent on the size and complexity of the simulated power system. The main computing resources are consumed by the complex software, carrying out real-time simulations, and by the Technologist's workplace, which provides opportunity to carry out resource-intensive network calculations in research mode or while preparing for the training session. As the Technologist's workplace operates in the off-line mode, the hardware platform performance is not critical for software operability and affects only the speed of calculations.

The main hardware platform resources, which affect server part performance and Technologist's workplace performance, are the processor speed and the number of processor cores, as well as RAM storage. Typical hardware configuration for efficient simulation of 2500-design-nodes power system is 8-core (two 4-core processors) configuration, 8 GB RAM.

The hardware platform of the rest of the client software must be set to ensure efficient performance under the installed operating system.