Our company attaches great importance and is open to partnership. The high complexity of modern information technologies, trend for standardization and unification as well as the complexity and research intensity of technological business processes of the power industry control centers make co-operation the only possible effective business model, that gives each vendor the opportunity to produce what he's best at.

We are developing partnership in various directions.

The main ones are:


Monitor Electric's main technological partner is Microsoft company. Monitor Electric is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network program as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). We've entered into cooperation on power industry and joint solutions development with the Large Organizations and Partners Relations Department of Microsoft Russia.

In the period of 2004-2007, in collaboration with the Microsoft Consulting Services Department of Microsoft Russia, Monitor Electric was involved into implementation of a new generation project. As the result of this collaboration, a high-performance real-time data warehouse, with MS SQL Server 2005 as a primary tool, was created.

In April 2008, Monitor Electric was awarded the title of "The Best Microsoft Partner" in the "The strategic industry partnership" category.

IBM is another important technological partner of our company. Monitor Electric is a member of IBM PartnerWorld program. We mainly cooperate in the sphere of Enterprise Service Bus –based (ESB-based) software products integration systems. Monitor Electric is authorized as a software vendor of a Controlled Distribution Product Group. Our employees are certified and experienced in integration projects implementation using IBM solutions.


Monitor Electric is a member of such associations as:

  1. UCA International Users Group, including:
  2. CIM working group affiliated with Non-commercial Partnership "Science and Engineering Board of Unified Power System".


Monitor Electric cooperates with Russian and foreign software developers for power industry. The main objectives of this cooperation are: integration of current products, complex solutions development, research and co-development of new products. We pay great attention to cooperation with foreign companies, which have experience and multiannual traditions. We explore the possibility of using good professional practice of the world companies taking into consideration specific features of Russian economy and marketing.


Monitor Electric provides software products that represent complete solutions which are successfully implemented by our partners, who have applicable certifications. We worked out the technical support scheme as a part of design solutions. The quality of the projects carried out by our partners and customers satisfaction are of great importance to us, that is why we are working hard at having close technical cooperation with design and adjustment organizations. We also practice design expertise and adjustment supervision.


Monitor Electric maintains contacts with the field-specific institutions of higher education. We co-develop science-intensive applications. Students undertake internship in the company. The company products are used in creation of laboratory desks and for research projects.